About Us


Who's Francisca?

Francisca is a vibrant and cheerful travel enthusiast, who combines her natural talent for planning with a meticulous attention to detail, leaving no aspect of our travels to chance.

Whether she’s meticulously crafting the perfect itinerary for our adventures into unexplored territories, uncovering hidden gems along the way, or on the hunt for the ultimate culinary experience, Francisca’s impeccable organization guarantees an unforgettable journey.

When not traveling, she can be found hanging out with her loved ones, playing the role of the ultimate hostess. She loves bringing people together and knows how to throw a memorable dinner at our place.

Let me tell you, she’s a busy bee, so I challenge you to try and book something on her already-packed agenda without giving her at least a week’s notice. Trust me, it won’t be an easy task!

Who's João?

João has a curious mind and a special gift for reading people and situations around him. With his silent, discrete presence, he may sometimes be perceived as distracted or shy but is usually taking notes of details unnoticed by others. He is the soul of the Unselfish Travel Blog, the relentless photographer and eternal dreamer.

When not travelling, he may be found wondering at a bookshop or writing for one of his many blogs on Microsoft technologies.

He has the excitement of a kid and the preparedness and practicality of a grown-up, which makes him my favorite person for travelling – both the world and life.

Why this blog?

The Unselfish Travel Blog was created with a simple yet powerful purpose – to share our love for travel and inspire others to explore the world.

We are passionate about discovering new places, immersing ourselves in diverse cultures, and indulging in the delights of local cuisine.

Through our blog, we aim to provide a platform where we can share our experiences, insights, and recommendations, so that others can also enjoy the joy of travel and create their own unforgettable memories.

Join us on this exciting journey as we uncover hidden gems, embrace different cultures, and savor the wonders that our world has to offer.😍

Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

Our adventures

  • France

    France Embarking on a journey through Parisian Art and Marais After a magical stay at Disneyland Paris, we bid adieu to the enchanting world of fairytales and returned to Paris. Taking the train from Val d’Europe to Charles de Gaulle (Etoile) and then the metro to Montmartre (Place du Clichy), it took us around 1h30 to arrive and settle into the same hotel we stayed on Day 1 Ibis Paris Montmartre 18ème. Our first destination once refreshed was Les Invalides, officially known as Hôtel National des Invalides. This historic complex, with its well-known golden-dome, was originally built as a military hospital and retirement home

  • France

    Bonjour, fellow adventurers! As we sit here, reminiscing about our journey through the City of Love, we can hardly believe it has been one whole month since we embarked on our romantic escapade to Paris.

  • Portugal

    Portugal Olhão: Algarve’s refreshingly different city worth discovering We visited Olhão somehow unexpectedly, as we usually prefer the region of Alvor when visiting Algarve. João was speaking at the Iberian Technology Summit on April 29th, so we decided to take Friday off and enjoy a longer weekend. Sweet dreamsThe 1-day summit was held at Real Marina Hotel & Spa, lunch included. It is a beautifully located venue, in front of the marina and with a stunning view of