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What can I expect from Estonia?

Estonia, a hidden gem in Northern Europe, is a country that offers a diverse range of experiences. At the heart of this captivating land lies Tallinn, the capital city renowned for its beauty. The enchanting old town with its cobblestone streets and medieval architecture takes you on a journey back in time. Lose yourself in the narrow alleyways, visit historic landmarks, and admire the Gothic spires that grace the skyline.

When it comes to food, Estonia boasts a unique culinary scene. Traditional dishes like black bread, smoked fish, and hearty soups reflect the country’s agricultural heritage. Indulge in comforting favorites such as verivorst (blood sausage) or kama, a popular dessert made from roasted grains. Don’t forget to try their local beers and spirits, which add to the authentic gastronomic experience.

Estonia is a country deeply rooted in its culture and traditions. The Estonian people take pride in their folklore and strong sense of national identity. They value nature and embrace a sustainable lifestyle. Estonia is known for its vast forests, pristine lakes, and untouched coastlines. Whether it’s hiking in the serene woodlands or enjoying the tranquility of the Baltic Sea, you’ll find a deep connection to nature throughout the country.

In summary, Estonia offers a captivating blend of historical charm, mouthwatering cuisine, vibrant culture, and friendly locals. Tallinn’s old town stands as a testament to the country’s rich history, while its culinary delights provide a taste of Estonian heritage.

Our adventures in Estonia

  • Bookshops Rüütel & Matilda Bookshop: A Cozy Literary Haven in the Heart of Tallinn Last February, while exploring the charming streets of Tallinn, Estonia, we stumbled upon a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the old Town. On a cold and windy day, after visiting the magnificent Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, we sought refuge from the biting wind and embarked on a quest to find a warm coffee shop. Little did we know that our search would lead us to an unexpected treasure – Rüütel & Matilda English Bookshop. It was a delightful surprise that enriched our visit to Tallinn in more


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